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  1955- Born in Kurahashichou, Kure-shi, Hiroshima, Japan.
  1978- Graduated from Shimonoseki City University, Faculty of Economics.
  1984- Aiming to be a potter.
    Admission to Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Technical High School.
  1986- Construction of a studio in Koganei-shi, Tokyo.
    Working mainly in Shino and Oribe styles.
  1991- Selected international round exhibition of Asahi Ceramic Arts Exhibition.
  1996- Publish a collection of works "SOSHINTOUGI".
    (Selected by Shigemasa Higashida)
  2000- Lecture, "Challenge the Oribe and Shino Tradition"
  (National Design Academy, US)
  2011- International Ceramic Festival (Wales, UK)
  (Lecture, Demonstration, Exhibition)
    Studio Address
    1-7-31, Kitamachi, Nukui, Koganei-shi 
    Tokyo, 184-0015 JAPAN 
    TEL/FAX : +81-42-386-1061 
    E-mail : 
    URL :